What's rattling in your family closet?




      An aunt of mine got divorced twice from the same person. A big secret.


      Another member of the Fisher family married the same wife twice.


      One person has been engaged 5xtimes, in the last 10 years. 


      The shortest marriage was 3 months.


      The Yudelman family has 2nd cousins marrying.


      The Fisher family has 1st cousins tying the knot.


      The Melts family has 2nd cousins marrying as well.


      One family had siblings fighting it out in court over money.


      Another family member sued the estate for a bigger share of the inheritance.


      At least 3 of our ancestors went insolvent.


      There were at lease two disputed wills.


      A large number of family members ended up being sued for money in the law courts.


      A previous marriage was discovered, and an unknown child was found.


      A person had an affair whilst married which resulted in a secret child.


      One mother disowned her child and disappeared for 40 years with her lover.


      At last count two families live in sin, supposedly married.


      There are four suicides, known to me in this family tree.


      Two shotgun marriages were evident. Does not mean there weren’t more.


      Two people on their wife’s death ended up marrying their sister in law.


      One very wealthy family member left nothing in his will to his son.


      At least 3 families have siblings that have not talked to each other for over 30years.


      One person was jailed by the criminal courts.


      Another defended a case successfully on a charge of murder.


      A family member worked as a Police informer.


      One family emigrated from South Africa leaving enormous debts.


      Two families emigrated soon after falling victim to crime in South Africa. 


      Two children tragically drowned.







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