Louis Litvin was married in New York in 1915.  His  children Dora and Martha were born in New York before they immigrated to South Africa in 1918.  His  third child Morris (Maish) was born 1924 Johannesburg  after their arrival.


 He was a tailor by profession and purchased this sewing machine soon after his arrival in South Africa.  


The sewing machine was purchased from Henry Geen and Thomas Richards who founded their first store in Johannesburg 1919. The store was known as Geen and Richards.


The  serial number of the sewing machine is G3452389 and is recorded as being made between the 13th February 1914 and 13th March 1914.


This Model 15 was made in a batch of 25 000 sewing machines. This cabinet model was the most expensive variation available.


After he died in 1953 it was in Dora Sarzin’s (nee Litvin) house and used by her and her children, Rochelle, Jacqueline, Felicity and Brenda.


At some stage it was modernised by adding an electric motor and lamp, but it still can be used with the original foot treadle.


After Dora passed away in 1980 this sewing machine was given to Maish and Eckie Litvin and stood in their house in Observatory for 37 years. 


After Eckie passed away in 2017 it was gratefully handed down to me in 2018.


It is still in original condition, and in the draws were found spares and haberdashery items from the 1920's.  


This heirloom will remain with the descendants of the Litvin family for generations to come.







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